Tips for good landing page design

Landing Page DesignWell designed & Search engine Optimized Good Landing page is like your front office reception most of the visitors judge the potential of the organization while sitting on the lounge at reception , A good designed Landing page not only reduces the bounce rate of the website but also increase the conversation rate ( leads or orders generated through the website )

Tips of Designing a search engine Optimized – SEO Landing page for your website :

• Connect with audience / visitors is very important , Your landing page should look legitimate.

• Landing page should be built keeping in mind what the user wants to see, not what you want them to see, It should satisfy user expectations.

• Your landing page should reflect your business goals, Build your landing page assuming that it’s the first time they’ve heard of your company.

• A landing page should reflect the passion & desire of the organisation and should keep any promises made by your advertising.

• Your landing page should be able to perform the entire sales process. That means offering something that interests the user, keeps them on the page, and makes them want to take an action such as fill out a form or pay.

• Your landing page should capture a visitor’s attention quickly. You only have a few seconds from the moment a user lands on the page to when they click the “back” button.

• Good design helps support good content.

• Test every element of your landing page to continually improve conversion rates.

• Show your landing page to many different people to get feedback.

• Reduce the options on the page – there should only be one or two ways out (besides the back and close buttons).

• You can also create separate landing pages for each source of traffic. This will really help with tracking.

• Provide positive feedback, testimonials, awards, certifications from well-known sources and satisfied customers. Do not go overboard here – curate your list to display the most convincing positive re-enforcement

• Give your customers a clear call to action. Use a secondary call to action in the case that visitors are not ready to go through with your primary call to action.

• Give an off-line alternative to users such as a phone number, Show a phone number and address.

• Display security badges such as Verisign , eTrust , and McAfee
• Include videos if they help explain an idea. Otherwise, use an image that can perform the same task.

• Test your landing page in multiple browsers to ensure that it maintains its professionalism.

• Simplify your design to reduce distractions and place the focus on the specific offer, product, or service that you are selling.
• Make your page load fast, Use fewer images, but be selective. Choose images that make a convincing point.

• Keep elements that are critical to conversions in the upper 300 pixels of the page. Most users will not scroll past the fold.
• The colours, fonts, and styles in your landing page has to be in coherence to your branding

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