Flash Vs Jquery, Is Flash really phasing out on web?

Few years a ago a website in flash or flash Content on website is considered to be trendy and upmarket, The Demand of flash was very high and website development & web designing companies in India were using flash extensively.

There has been a change in trend now, Javascript libraries such as jQuery and MooTools adding animation and interactive features that don’t require reloading a web page were out of reach for many web developers / designers unless they used Flash. Statistics compiled by HTTP Archive, analysing the world’s top 17,000 websites, show 48 per cent of the sites use jQuery, compared to the 47 per cent that use Flash, Over the past few months jQuery gained 9% while Flash dropped 2%. Of course the two are not mutually exclusive as a site could use both, but more sites using jQuery, which uses web standards, can’t be bad for accessibility. JQuery offer a library of routines that are cross browser compatible which greatly reduces the learning curve. These libraries also offer functions to handle many routine tasks making Javascript programming faster and easier to learn. Flash still has an array of uses that jQuery simply cannot handle. Some of the plus points include its extensive features, 3D capabilities, unfailing appearance in supported browsers, built-in User Interface, supporting vector artworks, a large array font options, and of course, many free and commercial tools are also available all over the web.

Flash Advantages

• Flash Support Vector Graphics

• Extensive features

• 3D Capabilities

• Consistent appearance in supported browsers

• Built-in UI & other features

• Many free and Commercial tools available

• More font options

Flash Disadvantages

• Adobe Flash Software Licensing free

• Not compatible with all browsers including iPhone , iPad and most cell phones

• Moderate learning curve to use

• Possible problems with users that have older versions of the Flash Player

• Potentially large file size

• Possible security issues with Flash Player

• Tracking stats for Flash elements is limited

JQuery Advantages

• Small size

• Using jQuery or other libraries reduces the Javascript learning curve

• Hundreds of free professional quality programs

• Can add interactivity to web page elements and tags

• Skinnable Form Components UI

• Compatible with more browsers than Flash including iPhone, cell

• phones, PS3, PSP

JQuery Disadvantages

• Features not as extensive as Flash

• Complex features may not perform as quickly as flash

• 3D features are limited

• Users can disable Javascript support

• Source Code Not Protected