10 Essential Elements of an Ecommerce Enterprise

Essential Elements of an Ecommerce EnterpriseEcommerce or e-business is the process of conducting business transactions between buyers and sellers through internet enabled computer. The continuous growth of internet technology has changed the business scenario and most of the sellers and buyers are jumping onto the online bandwagon to carry out e- business activities. Keeping pace with the changing technology, knowledge of web languages, search engines, web servers, networking and mode of communications are the basic aspects of ecommerce.

In this thriving era of digitalization, every ecommerce enterprise should implements dynamic approach to take their e-business to next level. A robust and comprehensive online marketing strategy can helps an organization to boost business growth with great ROI and increasing rate of prospective clients. In order to shine over internet market, a savvy online marketer must have few requisite components so that they can beat their sturdy competitors.

Online Store

Having an ecommerce website is the most basic aspect of an ecommerce enterprise. An easy to navigate, well organized and standard ecommerce website can convert a visitor into buyer. Website is obviously a core of an online enterprise as it is the main platform where customers and buyers can meet, engage, exchange and transact with each other. A well portrayed website with images and detailed specification can help the potential buyers to take decision whether to buy the product from that site or not. You can get an impressive website from your in-house designers or can hire a professional web design company.

Ecommerce Marketing (Online and Offline)

Marketing and advertising tools can be meticulously utilized to draw attention of prospective buyers to an online store and helps in converting them into buyers. Currently, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC- (Pay Per Click), Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are abundantly used as the tools of online advertising and these media played key role in customer retention and acquisition. Traditional advertising tools such as brochures, hoardings, templates can also help in motivating customers mind to take positive decisions regarding an online enterprise.

Payment Gateway (Online Transaction)

Payment Gateway is the way of online money transaction while purchasing any product or services over internet. Initially credit card was the most acceptable mode of online payment. But later, other means of payment such as PayPal, Net Banking, have been integrated in virtually all e-websites. Lately, Cash on Delivery has gained immense popularity among online buyers. Other offline modes such as bank transfer, draft and cheques, etc are also accepted for making payment in ecommerce website.

Ecommerce Security

Significance of online security system in website is as important as having a security guard in front of a brick and mortar shop. If your website collects personal information from your customers then it is imperative to use security systems like SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This secure server software encrypts all sensitive information and protects the data against unauthorized access and disclosure. By installing such security system, you can ensure your customers that you are truly concerned about their private data and its security.

Product Acquisition

Product acquisition is the core segment of an ecommerce organization. This is the basic requirement to grow an e-business organization or any other traditional organization. Initially, you need to acquire products for your business then you can plan out for optimal growth and development of the organization.


It’s the time to process your online order and you need to transit it to the end users. At that moment, you need a reliable and professional Shipment or logistic service provider who can safely deliver the product to the customer on time. Failing to meet expectation or deliver on scheduled time can collapse or damage the business or reputation of any ecommerce enterprise. Thus, Shipment method requires great discipline and automation in order to maintain higher volume of orders and trust of your customers.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is essential for online players who seek to provide their products and services to the customer at faster pace and cheaper rate. Supply chain encompasses various activities like coordination, scheduling, inventory management and the delivery of the product to the end users. For proper and optimal utilization of resources to deliver ultimate services, the organization needs to undergo a certain stage of activities which is impossible to handle alone. They must work in associations with other organizations in their supply chain to achieve complete success.


In online business, warehouse holds important position; this is the place where the organization stores and maintains their products for further use. Importance of warehouse in ecommerce can be realized immediately after receiving orders from your customer through online clicks! To have a warehouse, one should have enough capital to expend on labor, space, equipment and technical information systems. It plays important role in the supply.

Customer Care Assistance

Customer support is the important aspect of online business as it may win or ruin trust of the buyers. Seller-buyer relations in online business are incredibly depends on customer support services. High-quality customer care services can stimulate, inspire and influence a client or customer with its prompt and class assistance whereas poor customer assistance can holds back ecommerce sales.

Online business nowadays mostly works on these essential elements and all of these ensure smooth running of your e-business and high business ROI. Once you realize the importance of these aspects, step forward and build an efficient ecommerce website of your dream and starts to make money online!