Social Media: A New Frontier for Online Business

Social MediaIn order to promote products and services of an online store, entrepreneurs must utilize all latest marketing strategies. However, it is important to determine the most effective marketing campaigns which can grab maximum ROI. In online world, marketing options are increasing with the gaining popularity of social media. Some of the popular social sites have been proved to be the effective marketing tool to build an incredible customer base. In recent time, majority of online users are hooked to popular social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google +, Pinterest, etc. These networking sites have grown beyond a social interaction tool to support online businesses to manage their brand, social marketing, customer services and marketing analysis.

Statistics of Popular Social Media 2012

Social Media 

No. of Users

Monthly visitors    




901 Million     

7012.9 Million

405 minutes



555 Million     

182 Million     

89 minutes


Google +

170 Million

61 Million       

3 minutes


Linked In

150 Million

85.7 Million    

21 minutes



11.7 Million

104.4 Million  

405 minutes


Above stated statistics clearly shows that millions of global human population is now making use of these popular social media sites. More importantly, 60% of Facebook’s user base fall under the age group of more than 26 years old. Hence, majority of your target audience are active in social media.

These social platforms offer huge potential for generating awareness about your products and service among the prospective customers and, eventually, help you in winning new customers. The key advantage of social networking sites is that these are free to use and carries very negligible shortcomings. In just short span of time, social media has significantly changes the scenario of online marketing. If your e-business has not taken benefits of these social media bandwagon, now it is the time to do so. These are absolutely free and easy to use and can help you in establishing your brand in front of millions of potential customers.