In the Wake of Penguin 1.1, How to Avoid Google Penalty

Google Penguin - How to Avoid Google PenaltyTo continue with the long lasting fight with web spam and black hat SEO technique compliant websites, Google’s chief web spam fighter Matt Cutts has confirmed a new data refresh to the Penguin algorithm on Twitter. Penguin is the latest Search Engine algorithm update launched by Google. This algorithm has been developed in order to target the websites that are linked with poor links and over optimized with keyword stuffing and duplicate contents. Since the day of inception, a number of websites with black hat web spam have been affected with this latest innovation of Google algorithm.

Google has unveiled the latest updated version of Penguin 1.1 to weed out the websites that are violating Google’s quality guidelines and reward the high quality sites with top ranking on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Most of the company ignored the importance of Google Quality guidelines and its ethics. As a result, those websites have been penalized by Google.

Why Website Gets Penalized

Do you know that why does a website get penalized for? What are reasons behind it? In a simple note, it may get penalized for violating Google’s quality guidelines or for using black hat SEO techniques.

Website using following features can easily get penalized. So, try to avoid such features while optimizing your website.

• Keyword Stuffing

• Cloaking

• Excess internal linking

• Poor quality link building

• Meta –Tag Stuffing

• Duplicate Contents

• Hidden texts links

• Poor quality contents

• High density of keywords

• Link purchased from non trusted sites

Don’t Panic, Learn How to Avoid Penalty

Since Penguin 1.1 version is targeting web spam, website owners need to remove any of spam that their website might have. A well maintained Penguin complaint website can easily retain its ranking on the SERP. So, it is better to create your website from a reliable and professional web designing company having effective Penguin and SEO compliant website services.

Avail services from the web Design Company that offers following features of Penguin compliant SEO services.

• Easy navigation or proper navigation of the website

• Well organized and Good quality contents

• Ensure Effective User Experience

• Build quality Links

• Regular updates of the site

• Remove duplicate and poor quality content

• Optimized pages for multiple keywords and key phrases

• External linking with extra care

• Remove all bad links

• SEO friendly contents

• Remove links from blog

By applying these features on the website, one can avoid penalty and can easily achieve top rank on the Search Engine Result Page of Google.