Facebook Advertising: Marketing Boon for Small Businesses.

Facebook AdvertisingIn this day and age, those who adapt excel. This is proving to be true for multiple people who are leveraging the power of social media to promote their fledging businesses. Currently there are many young people willing to take the jump into entrepreneurship due to the small cost associated with advertising and getting the word out. Whether it is the promoting a local cookie & bakery shop, not just to local clients but also for overnight shipping, or promoting an E commerce website selling trendy clothes. The myriad options now available to entrepreneurs are allowing even small business to reach a much wider target audiences, some even in completely different countries.

The advent of Facebook as the number one social networking platform has dictated that now for a business to be seen and heard a Facebook page of itself is a must. There are many people who exclusively run their business from their homes and handling all their business processes online, from selling & inventory to advertising. The new generation of shoppers are more astute and use the web extensively to decide before purchasing a product. This with the internet social network being very vocal about their preferred and non preferred products, good quality and customer service by a business is always rewarded with extensive positive comments and articles which help sway other prospective buyers. But this also indicates the opposite as true as a negative comment also has a wide reach causing wide damage to the business’s reputation. Facebook also helps small business to target specific audiences on their own website according to different attributes, such as age, gender, location, etc. Due to its massive social network, it has unparalleled reach and helps young entrepreneurs to target a huge prospective customer base on just one platform, thereby reducing cost and time overheads.

With Internet Social Marketing having Low overhead cost and a much larger return on investment than traditional advertising platforms, Small business owners are better able to realise their dream and compete with the big boys in their industries.