Magento vs WordPress + WooCommerce

Magento vs WordPress1. Traffic Anticipated / Concurrency

Magento has  no problems handling large stores, as long as your host can manage them. Whereas WordPress + WooCommerce is a small engine and has limitation.

2. Size of the website/No of products

Though both the Platforms offers unlimited products bit still word press has limitation in handling.

3. Features

Magento has lot of inbuilt features and above all it the biggest community in the world most. WordPress + WooCommerce offers all basics eCommerce functionality + extensions available to enhance the eCommerce experience.

4. Running Cost

Magento running cost is also higher than the WordPress, you can Run WordPress in Shared server but for Magento you need atleast a VPS with 4GB RAM.

5. Security

WordPress + WooCommerce Includes basic security features to protect your store. Magento Offers advanced security features, as well as dedicated patches to close any vulnerabilities that arise.

6. Ease of Use

WordPress + WooCommerce platform is remarkably easy-to-use, WooCommerce is a good pick for users with no e-commerce experience – doubly so if they’ve used WordPress before. Magento is Recommended for users that have (at least) a basic level of web development knowledge.

7. Scalability

Magento is built for scalability. It has no problems handling large stores, as long as your host can manage them. We can scale it to any level. WordPress has limitation as its basic structure cannot allow to beyond a limit.

Good for Start-ups or beginners who want to start humble, Where as Magento Development is ideal for Mid size to Big stores handing high traffic and Concurrency