Website Launched for (Geoworks) by eMavens

1000 Trees by eMavens

1000 Trees by eMavens

eMavens in the recent times has added another very interesting and creative website to its Portfolio . The company has developed the website based on HTML 5 to provide a next generation feel of the website. eMavens has done this exciting project for . The design is based on canvas approach which is another popular trend of representing the corporate websites. The HTML and the jquery has been used in the development of the website which undoubtedly provided a very user friendly layout and an appealing look to the website. With this, eMavens has again proved its worth to be one of the top most Web Designing and Development Company.

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eMavens celebrating 10 years of IT excellence

eMavens Celebrating its 10 years of IT excellence

eMavens Celebrating its 10 years of IT excellence

eMavens has recently completed its 10 years of IT excellence. The dawn of eMavens morning began at the end of year 2003 and with continous efforts in the web and mobile application development technologies it has attained this reputation. With the completion of more than 500 projects eMavens has shown its technical competencies at par. In the span of these 10 years eMavens has been associated with so many reputed brands across the globe such as Hindustan Unilever Limited,Action Group,IMG Reliance, BOP Group, RLG Group and many others.

Not only this, eMavens has also taken a step forward in providing Digital Marketing Services along with building Brand Reputation for past few years. eMavens is known for its best services in terms of website designing and development and on the top of these for its after sales support. eMavens has continued to deliver its promises over the years and with this resolution eMavens has celebrated its 10th year with great enthusiasm and zeal and also stepped itno the next era to continue the trend of success…..

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eMavens Revamped the design for

Revamped Design of Kashmir Tourism

Revamped Design of Kashmir Tourism

Design is the only thing which can depict the possible thoughts what a person wants to express by his/her work; be it on the website or somewhere else. Emavens has continuously been working on expressing out the feelings through its unique and aesthetic design quality. The latest design done for exhibit its uniqueness in a way that one can easily decipher that winters are just around the corner. The design itself speaks about its message that it actually wants to spread out. The design quality of eMavens has remained one of the most admirable things to look around. The latest design shows its significance and it shows the true capability of eMavens of how thoughts can be a reality.

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eCommerce Website for

eCommerce website from eMavens

eCommerce website from eMavens

As eMavens is proving its expertise in the eCommerce it has started gaining a worldwide reputation in the field of e Commerce website development. Recently, eMavens has come up with another ecommerce store You can find the site is very much beneficial for the wholesellers as it has customized features for them. Also the uniqueness of the website is its aesthetical design and easy to use features. It has got so many advanced features such as Wishlist, order tracking, user login, newsletters etc. The website is totally based on the ornamental products, gifting items and many more. The functionalities that has been implemented has got smooth function that one cannot be troubled in any of the situation. This ecommerce store has full capability to take request then process and lastly to track its delivery. With the completion of this project eMavens has become a popular choice for people as the most most efficient and effective ecommerce store development company.

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Responsive Web Design for

Responsive Design from eMavens

Responsive Design from eMavens

As the technology is gearing up for the higher levels the eMaven`s has also spread its wing in the same direction. eMaven`s proudly present one its Responsive Website Design to showcase its progress as per the advancement in the technology. Now, with the help of Responsive web design you can easily go through all the sections of the website in a single scroll on any of the smart devices such as your Android Phones, iPhone`s, iPad`s etc. This is a revolutionary concept in the field of Web Applications as it has enabled the websites to show all the contents without any resolution disorders. The website has fully customizable and manageable sections such as Scoreboard, Schedule, Galleries and many more. Just go through with the link and get amazed by this unique concept i.e. Responsive Website Design . The website has fully customizable and manageable sections such as Scoreboard, Schedule, Galleries and many more.

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How to Analyze your Website Performance

Now a day’s what we all do we just create a website for our purpose and then we forget about that, But  if you have invested your time and money in a particular thing then it`s your right to know whether it`s giving it`s worth for you or not. If you have an online presence then that means that you are connected to millions of the people across the globe and if you don’t get a single reply from your website then there is something which is lacking in your website.

How to Analyze Website

There are several ways to get website statistics and few of the key parameters are given below through which you can do the web page analysis of your website:

  1. The website design should be compatible with the business for which you are creating it.
  2. The look and feel of the website has to be like it actually reveals out the uniqueness of the website.
  3. The Home Page of the website should not be like a long scrolling down.
  4. The website should not contain any flash files except for the videos.
  5. The keywords and meta tags that you decide for your website should be in accordance with SEO parameters :
    1. The keywords should not be more than 15.
    2. The length of the keywords should not exceed the range of 150 words for all the keywords.
    3. The Google analytics must be there in the website for crawling up on the Google.
  6. There should be proper navigation to inner pages of the website.
  7. As per the latest trend it must contain the social media widgets.
  8. The domain name should not be very much lengthy as it’s not good for the SEO purpose.

So these are the few key areas where you have to focus primarily whenever you are going for any website design and development. Just use the above parameters and then analyze website. This will help you in web optimization and to generate good results.

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The Exponential benefits of a Newsletter marketing campaign

A newsletter may sound like a simple idea but in today’s digital age it is anything but simple. With the ability to include a wide variety of different content spanning videos, images, links and written text, the humble Newsletter has emerged as a effective marketing tool for any company.

A newsletter gives the opportunity to connect with clients who have shown an interest in your products and services by subscribing. Great content presented in a newsletter has the ability to engage the user and direct him to different parts of your website highlighting different products and services.

It helps to establish the Company’s competency in its industry and enforcing an idea of expertise in the domain being represented therefore building trust in the Customer and encouraging him to develop a longer and deeper business relation with your company. The most critical aspect of a newsletter is that it informs your customers of any new news & events or products & services being offered, keeping them up-to-date on all aspect related to the particular industry.

A newsletter also mainly helps in interaction and promoting dialog with the customers and has a higher response rate due to it being sent to a more receptive audience, thus the ROI for it is higher than other forms of marketing.

That is not to say that all newsletter campaigns are successful, a successful newsletter should have quality content with the ability to engage the users attention. This all entails hard work but since a newsletter targets a more receptive audience the payoff is comparatively higher.

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eMaven Solution is proud to present the launch of Action group’s online Shopping venture The long standing successful association with Action group and their implicit trust in our abilities facilitated our partnership on this 4th project. Action Group is one of India’s leading shoe manufacturing brand and the largest shoe producer in the country; they deliver Complete Family Footwear solutions to the nation. has a user friendly interface incorporating a pleasing & light color scheme. The wide and varied collection offered by the E-store has set a new trend in the Footwear E-shopping industry. They have introduced a specialized range for everyone, ranging from kids, men & women sections with each of them showcasing unique designs, patterns and styles. They offer free delivery service and 30 days return policy with all their products providing customers with more incentives to shop with them.
We wish all the Success to Action Group’s latest venture into the E-commerce industry and hope our long standing partnership continues for many more years to come.

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9th season in a row of a long standing association of lakme with Emavens

lakme fashion week

eMaven solutions are proud to present successful completion of most awaited event of the year in fashion industry; Lakme Fashion Week 2013 that was held in Mumbai from 21st March to 26th March, 2013.This was the 9th season in a row of this event in association with us, entire web presence of this event has been handled by our most competent and dedicated team members of our company. Integrating the complete framework and appropriate connectivity of the web on target audience made the entire event favorable for everyone.

Emavens Staff at lakmeeMavens targets to accomplish the entire goals set for any project and it reflects in successful delivery of projects. The sense of privacy and comfort is provided by us to the entire arrangement of events that takes place from the start till the successful delivery of the project. We are the trend setter in the market and ready to cope with last minute hitches that is not working in favor of project/event/company.

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Med Home

An easier way to carry out your healthcare shopping – this was the task set to us by Dee Jee Stores. After lots of work and dedication eMaven’s solutions are proud to present has been designed to convey a sense of calmness and patience with the focus of light and bright colors. The layout clearly presents details of the products so that customers are never confused about the products and can confidently purchase them. A sense of privacy and comfort is provided to the customer by the Website’s User interface enabling them to relax while shopping in the comfort of their home.

We believe that is a trendsetter in the industry and wish our clients the utmost success. We also hope that all customers browsing the site find it to be a pleasant and happy experience.

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